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Portfolio & Architecture

Show your business that brand goes beyond comms, with brand portfolio strategies that kill portfolio bloat and make it easier to buy.


Brand portfolio strategy

Brand architecture strategy

Governance and systems

Employee induction

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Making a B2B organization greater than the sum of its parts

Re-structuring a $2bn financial services brand to better understand themselves.

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How to build a big brand on a small budget

Using the latest marketing effectiveness data and research, this report clearly explains how businesses and startups can build a big brand on a smaller marketing budget.

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What successful brand teams are prioritizing for 2024

What successful brand teams are prioritizing for 2024

Two things successful brand teams are doing to add value to the business in 2024, and two things they are not.

September 21, 2023 10:00 AM
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Positioning an open-source software pioneer for explosive growth

Boosting conversions across the funnel with a refreshed positioning, messaging and visual identity

March 13, 2024 1:26 PM

Making the network’s diversity their difference again

We helped Al Jazeera be a voice for all by making diversity their difference again.

January 2, 2024 10:29 AM
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Why marketers need to be at the M&A table

Why marketers need to be at the M&A table

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July 21, 2021 3:31 AM
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“Creative Business Company has unique brand expertise that is very difficult to find. Their skills and approach result in exceptional quality work with the right amount of rigor and long-term focus.”
Sol Sender
“Faisal worked with the global brand strategy team at Shell to develop a set of strategic equities that would serve as the foundation for the Shell brand globally. His approach was rigorous, analytical and thoughtful and ultimately this piece of work became known as the Shell way. A pleasure to work with.”
Rahul Malhotra
Head of Group Brand Strategy
“For anyone cautiously considering brand, CBC are THE GUYS FOR YOU. Software developers are typically brand skeptical, but with logic, a lot of persistence, and their famous no B.S. approach, CBC managed to transform our leadership team from brand skeptics to brand advocates. I consider them essential partners helping power Callstack’s next phase of growth.”
Head of Marketing
“Creative Business Co’s business led approach to brand strategy encouraged us to form a strong guest experience team to actualize our brand promise in more than 90 customer touchpoints. I am grateful to you and the team for helping us define the soul of our brand.”
Mustafa Mucahitoglu
VP, Customer Experience
“I worked with Faisal and his team for more than three years, leveraging the power of our brand to unlock a new phase of growth for Al Jazeera’s portfolio of channels, products, and services. From the world-class research-based brand strategy which brought an evidence-based approach to decision making, to the positioning which pinpointed the heart and soul of the Al Jazeera brand, Faisal helped to build the infrastructure for clear policy decisions on content, communications, and new product branding.”
Satnam Matharu
Director, Brand Strategy


Option 01

360 Growth Plan

Develop a comprehensive 12 month marketing plan for growth.


Deluxe research package ($65,000 value)
Media planning package ($6,000 value)
In-person strategy session ($25,000 value)

Option 02

6-week brand Blueprint Bootcamp

Our team of experts builds your business case for brand marketing.


Lean-luxe research package ($30,000 value)
Budget brand-building framework ($500 value)
Remote ROI forecasting training ($3,000 value)

Option 03

Brand investment consultation

(x3) days of 1-1 consulting time to help your team complete and present the business case for investing in brand initiatives.

Option 01

Brand architecture

Strengthen and build equity across your portfolio with an easy and intuitive architecture plan.


Brand hierarchy
Organizing principles
Brand relationships

Option 02

Brand portfolio

Streamline your services and make them easier to buy with a brand portfolio strategy.


Organizing principles
Product/Services naming
Value propositions

Option 03

Employee induction

Educate and onboard employees and prepare launch your new brand both internally and externally.


Training workshops
Brand handbook
Messaging sheets

Option 01

Brand positioning

Find the messaging that creates more conversions.


Brand purpose & values, slogan, value propositions, messaging framework

Option 02

Brand identity

Create a visual identity that stands out and gets remembered.


Logo, colour palette, imagery, photography, brand guidelines

Option 03

Brand voice

Create clear, consistent messaging guidelines for all marketing and communications touchpoints.


Messaging and tone-of-voice guidelines, brand induction, messaging workshop

Option 01

6-month campaign

Best for exit-stage start-ups and medium sized challenger brands who want to build brand awareness and reduce CAC.


Campaign strategy, media strategy, hero brand anthem (x1), landing pages (x1), short video stories (x3), digital banners (x6), static posts (x6)

Production costs not included

Option 02

3-month campaign

Best for growth-stage start-ups and ambitious small business who want to reach more customers profitably.


Campaign strategy, light media strategy, landing pages (x1), short video stories (x3), digital banners (x6), static posts (x6)

Production costs not included

Option 03

12-month campaign

Best for challenger brands ready to take on market leaders who want to scale brand awareness, reduce CAC and lower price sensitivity.


Campaign strategy, media strategy, hero brand anthem (x2), landing pages (x2), short video stories (x6), digital banners (x12), static posts (x12)

Production costs not included