Get your brand back in the black

go infinite or go home—
go infinite or go home—
simple, yet effective element—
simple, yet effective element—

Business leaders are quick to shout about the value of their brand. But slow to invest in it. We transform brand from a cost center in the red, to a revenue driver in the black.

How we do it

Brand Planning

Get the budget for brand

Win over the C-suite by proving the impact brand has on the bottom line
Brand Planning


Positioning an open-source software pioneer for explosive growth

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Brand Positioning

Create messaging that converts

Find the sweet spot between what makes you unique and what makes people buy
Brand Positioning

ABB Formula E Racing

Helping Formula E create a new category of sport

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Brand Campaigns

Lower your cost of acquisition

Reach more customers and acquire them for less with always-on brand campaigns
Brand Campaigns

Penny Appeal

Raising $3.6m in a single month

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Portfolio & Architecture

Make it easier to buy

Streamline your offerings and reduce client confusion with a brand portfolio strategy
Brand Portfolio Strategy


Making a B2B organization greater than the sum of its parts

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Brand with a big “B”

Brand with a little “b” is  just a communication device.  We give brand a big “B”.  Transforming it into a financial asset that generates revenue, thrives under management and grows in tangible, accountable value.

Valuation for ABB Formula E, three years after repositioning and creating a new category of sport and less than six after being in the red


Year on year return on ad spend (ROAS) for Penny Appeal Canada from introducing a top of funnel campaign into their existing go-to-market activities


Increase in MQLs for Callstack, thanks to a new positioning that helped them claim category ownership in a crowded software development space


Lift in onsite conversion for EngagedMD thanks to new full funnel messaging that helped them reposition in a crowded medtech space


Transform and Strategy Magazine Awards for winning case studies in brand positioning, visual identity and brand campaigns. 3 Gold, 4 Bronze

“Creative Business Company has unique brand expertise that is very difficult to find. Their skills and approach result in exceptional quality work with the right amount of rigor and long-term focus.”
Sol Sender
“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Faisal and his team. His brand knowledge, insight, and expertise were unapparelled and a huge advantage to our business. He successfully pinpointed the critical brand challenges and unlocked our key strengths, framing them in a differentiated way. Not only this, but he creatively communicated the positioning in a manner that helped us stand out.”
Chief Marketing Officer, ABB Formula E Racing
“Faisal worked with the global brand strategy team at Shell to develop a set of strategic equities that would serve as the foundation for the Shell brand globally. His approach was rigorous, analytical and thoughtful and ultimately this piece of work became known as the Shell way. A pleasure to work with.”
Rahul Malhotra
Head of Group Brand Strategy
“I’ve worked with a lot of third party vendors over the course of my career… NEVER has an external partner understood our business and our needs as well as Creative Business Company. The final output shows just how much pride they take in their work and their desire for us to be successful.”
Jeff Issner
“For anyone cautiously considering brand, CBC are THE GUYS FOR YOU. Software developers are typically brand skeptical, but with logic, a lot of persistence, and their famous no B.S. approach, CBC managed to transform our leadership team from brand skeptics to brand advocates. I consider them essential partners helping power Callstack’s next phase of growth.”
Head of Marketing
“Creative Business Co’s business led approach to brand strategy encouraged us to form a strong guest experience team to actualize our brand promise in more than 90 customer touchpoints. I am grateful to you and the team for helping us define the soul of our brand.”
Mustafa Mucahitoglu
VP, Customer Experience
“Penny Appeal Canada is on a mission to change the shake up the Canadian charity space and Creative Business Company is critical to making that happen. They helped us re-think our go-to-market approach with rigorous evidence-based strategy and groundbreaking creative executions. A game-changer for our charity and trendsetter in the industry.”
Talha Ahmed
Chief Executive Officer
“I worked with Faisal and his team for more than three years, leveraging the power of our brand to unlock a new phase of growth for Al Jazeera’s portfolio of channels, products, and services. From the world-class research-based brand strategy which brought an evidence-based approach to decision making, to the positioning which pinpointed the heart and soul of the Al Jazeera brand, Faisal helped to build the infrastructure for clear policy decisions on content, communications, and new product branding.”
Satnam Matharu
Director, Brand Strategy
“Hoopo is on a mission to re-imagine the charity space and Creative Business Company’s work is a game-changer in helping us make that happen. From the incisive brand strategy that helped us distill our key differentiator, to streamlining our portfolio of programs and offers, to the distinctive visual identity that helps us challenge the worn codes of the category, this wasn’t just a brand transformation but a business one. We have just launched the new brand and the response from our partners, donors and the community has been terrific.”
Ihtisham Qureshi
Strategic Advisor, Hoopo (formerly PRICE Canada)

Resources for strategists

Our goal is to help you achieve yours. That means equipping more strategic marketers just like you, with the tools you need to unlock the value of brand in your organization