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EngagedMD is a software platform that automates patient admin and education for medical practices. Having made their name in fertility with products spanning patient education, informed consent, form-filling and eSignatures, they were ready to expand into new medical specialties. But having built the brand for a specific niche audience, getting famous beyond fertility was proving to be a challenge.


Life as a healthcare professional or carer can often mean long hours, no time for breaks, and constantly needing to be in two places at once.

Founded in 2014, EngagedMD is a SaaS company that tackles inefficiencies and time-consuming tasks, giving carers more time to do what they do best: care for their patients. With many medical practices often being understaffed and overworked, their tools help carers reduce manual admin tasks and patients navigate the emotional journey of fertility treatment smoothly and efficiently.

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As the healthcare sector comes under increasing scrutiny over pay and workloads, EngagedMD wanted to evolve beyond fertility clinics to support carers from all corners of the medical industry. But with nearly a decade of brand equity, content, and thousands of hours of video made specifically for fertility clinics and patients, pivoting the brand to include new specialties was daunting.

They needed a concept that would elevate them beyond a niche software company and position them as an ally to medical practices and caregivers all over the world - without losing what made them special.

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Meeting with the product team quickly revealed a complex buyer ecosystem for EngagedMD’s software. Nurses and patients used and benefited from the platform the most, but it was the medical doctors who ran the practices (and were notoriously skeptical of adopting new technology) who were the final decision makers.

We created a benefit ladder to map out each stakeholder’s challenges and needs and discover how they laddered up to common benefits across the ecosystem.

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This became the foundation of a full-funnel positioning framework that could be used for high-level emotional messaging, as well as performance marketing and sales.

The new slogan repositioned the brand around the benefit of having more quality time with patients, while the messaging pillars provided clear and succinct proof-points that could direct demand generation campaigns and inform sales conversations.

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Visual identity

Working with Thisaway, we brought the brand to life by personifying EngagedMD through a team of little helpers. With further help from Fakery and the internal EngagedMD team, we created a diverse set of characters representing a cross-section of doctors, nurses and administrators.

This friendly team not only offers carers a helping hand, they also act as a reassuring guide to patients by helping them navigate medical processes and procedures.

The new logo takes the form of a helping hand. Drawn in a loose style inspired by doctors’ signatures and scribbles, the flowing and free hand alludes to the ease of using EngagedMD. A subtle ‘e’ is incorporated into the thumb to ensure the icon is distinctive and ownable.

To ensure the characters and logo don’t feel too playful, we countered them with a restrained colour palette which pairs cream and dark green alongside small pops of accent colours. A distinctive, rounded serif also works with a geometric sans to create a balance between seriousness and approachability.

Icons are informed by the flowing nature of the logo, and along with all the elements of the new brand, have been designed to work alongside a more diagrammatical vector illustration style that was retained from the previous identity for legacy reasons.

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“I’ve worked with a lot of third party vendors over the course of my career… NEVER has an external partner understood our business and our needs as well as Creative Business Company. The final output shows just how much pride they take in their work and their desire for us to be successful.”
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